Is Your Chaotic Home Affecting Your Work Performance?

Kari Watterson
9 min readMay 25, 2019

These 5 simple habits can dramatically reduce stress at home and set you up for success at work.

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Is your chaotic, disorganized home life causing you stress and overwhelm at work?

I used to be one of those annoying people who always looked busy.

Back in my days as a medical malpractice paralegal, my colleagues would stop by my office, catch me knee deep in medical records and say, “Wow, looks like you’re busy.”

And often I was.

Law practices thrive when their Partners, Associate Attorneys and Paralegals have just enough on their plates to make sure they’re never truly caught up. That’s just the nature of the beast.

But, if I’m honest, sometimes I wasn’t busy per se. I was just overwhelmed.

Not necessarily overwhelmed by my caseload, but with everything else in my life that I let fall to the wayside while I focused on learning and excelling in my field.

I’m talking the laundry, the dishes, the mail, the kids’ school papers — all the things that like to reproduce the minute we turn our backs.

Unfortunately, when our home life is crazy, the anxiety and stress show up in our work.

Sure, some people have no trouble leaving their personal lives at home when we go to work, but the majority of us simply can’t separate the two.

And when we feel like we’re failing at both, that’s when burnout or depression sets in.

Tasks start taking twice as long to complete. Larger projects become overwhelming.

The things we previously prided ourselves on doing so well suddenly make us frozen with fear.

It’s been over two years since I left the legal field for good, but I’ve come to realize that our struggles follow us no matter where we go. If we don’t have good habits to keep our personal lives in check, the chaos will bleed into our professional lives and keep us from becoming as successful as we’d like.

I lived in chaos for far too long.

I now realize that we don’t need to make sweeping, dramatic changes to create a more orderly life.

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